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UNIPP (Universal Person to Person) was founded in 1966 by Kiyoko Ichikawa and Yoshiko Schmidt (deceased) in Japan. They looked for new members through articles for circle activities in newspapers, held monthly meetings called "magazine without paper" , and issued "UPP (UNIPP's former name) News" . The following is the statement of UNIPP that was made upon foundation of the organization.

Rapid development of science has changed our daily life in many aspects. Today where even satellite broadcasting is possible, the world can be regarded as one big family, and every person living there is a member of the family as "a human". The world has become much smaller and its association closer. Wishing to live a fruitful life toward brighter future shedding the old skin, we founded

UNIPP-Universal Person to Person.

UNIPP is a free and pleasant organization whose purpose is to regain humanity and relief, which can be easily lost today due to rapid development of mechanical civilization. And we have a big dream to spread our activity worldwide.

Those who sympathize with our purpose, love peace and have a sound personality are all welcome as a member of UNIPP. Please use your specialty and wisdom in UNIPP to enhance your culture even more and enrich your life.

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