UNIPP's activities

create warm human relationship, teaching and helping each other

1) Issuing "magazine without paper" =holding monthly meeting

Content: cover- member's new work or the face of the month, etc. editorial, declaration, review, essay, discussion, etc. special contribution- participation of a public figure, etc.

Special Issue: About activities abroad, entertainment issue, etc.

Grand Issue: after a big meeting where many members come together

In the future, many small groups can run the meetings more freely and independently in many places. There may be advertisements by sponsors.

2) Living-art schools

UNIPP runs different kind of schools and courses for the purpose of people attain their specialties with the motto "creating warm human relationships by teaching and helping each other"

UNIPP spreads out internationally

As accordance with UNIPP's declaration, it has carried out several international activities until now. (please see "past activities")

In the future, we would like to extend activities gradually to other countries too, with your understanding and cooperation.