Michigan UNIPP

Michigan UNIPP was born in 1996 with Mrs. Kikuko Kluge as a president who now deceased.

Board of directors: Mrs. Emilia Magri, Mr. Hitoshi Shichi

Secretary:  Mrs.Carolyne Natzke

Treasurer:  Mr. Bill Jones

Director:   Mrs. Makiko Jones

Our goal is a mutual understanding between all nations through cultural exchange.
We hold meetings every month to teach and exchange cultures. We recently started picture/letter exchange program for our children, teenagers with different countries also.

 Classes planned for April 2007

Shogi (Japanese chess)

Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement)

Chinese language

Video production, film making

How to make sushi rolls


Greeting cards/book marks with English

Skit by Japanese students

Demonstration of Iaido (Japanese sword method)

Picture/letter exchange program for children and teenagers from Japan, China, Italy, Iceland, Australia.



In the future, we will have--

photography, sign language, crochet, guitar, clogging dance, game of magic, Japanese calligraphy, yoga, bonsai, kite making, karate, massage, and much more.

button doll making

picture/letter from Japan
responding the letters

pictures of other activities

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