UNIPP's Declaration

We humans are obliged to live.
To live a full life, it is essential to have joy and significance of it which will support our mind.

In the modern world where things are manufactured by machines, our only interaction being supervision, we are often attracted by the plain, hand-made world.

Stand in front of a door, it will open without touching. Stick your hands under a faucet, water pours out. This world now must be the very magical world which ancient ancestors dreamt of.

Knowledge develops mechanical civilization. But we ought to use the knowledge in order to save humans from danger of loosing humanity, and turn it to create value in life.

Mechanization - loss of patience - antisocial behavior. Let us remedy such a chain of causality together.

Let us exchange techniques and human warmth, which are passed down in generations in daily life, under the tropical trees and in the land of ice field.

It will also become the way toward peace by exchanging specialties and resources around the world.

And cultivating charity and admiration to people in foreign countries whom yet to meet, giving people joy and something to thrive on, "Universal Person to Person" is made.